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Re: confusing pcmcia problems

> Computer is a Dell Latitude D266XT with a Xircom realport 10/100 ethernet
> + modem - I had network and dialup using wvdial both working, but without
> making any changes I am now having problems: wvdial gives me "cannot
> open /dev/ttys2: Input/output error"

did you says tty little-s 2 ?  shouldn't it be ttyS2 ?

> I can start ethernet, and pump gets me an IP address, & adds the nameserver
> to /etc/resolv, but I can not even ping the DHCP server - I get a timeout.
> ifconfig shows that the machine received an address, but from the server
> I cannot ping that address. I suspected hardware problems (maybe still),
> but booting into Windows 2000 I find that dialup works (although with
> considerably slower connections than before) and ethernet works (although
> now a suspend requires me to pull the card out and reinsert to get it
> to work). 

symptoms imply an IRQ problem, though there may be something else wrong.
(Geez, MSwin boxes get viruses. We get the IRQ flu.)

Doublecheck that your CMOS options for "plug and play OS" (if you have 'em -
note, everybody who does that has a dif't way of saying it) are to say that
we're not.  Linux' idea of plug and play is to tell these things to use the
IRQs we bloody well tell them at runtime - quite unlike MS' style, oh just
ask the BIOS to make it up, we'll thrash around and figure out what it ended

>I tried a known working (identical) Xircom card & found the
> same problems. I am about ready to go to Dell since the machine is still
> under warranty, but would like to have more definitive evidence of computer
> hardware problems - I suspect that if I mention Linux on the machine
> they won't have much patience with me... Any ideas on how I can test
> this better? Thanks.

I don't know if Xircom's support would treat you that way. 

These days I'm entirely unsure how Dell would treat you, you have a few 
possibilities and they're all bad:
	a) you switched to Debian?  The 3 folks here who know linux only
	   speak Redhat.  (actually, they might still be able to help,
	   as long as you can get one of them;  pcmcia is handled the
	   same under both, but you probably have to convince them of
	   this before getting help.)
	b) go away, we only support windows on your model.  
	c) what's a linux? (did you know that non Windows OS that some of
	   your boxes ship with.)  um, let me see ... (phone maze ensues.)
	d) you've called the wrong line for linux support, you're supposed
	   to call the expensive line and use the DELL coupon that we gave
	   you.  which you only have if you bought our Redhat setup.

Anyways you might be able to also find some help in the sourceforge forums,
but, this assumes that you can reach the web, you might only have email
right now?  http://pcmcia-cs.sourceforge.net/ has Hypernews forums where
some card services developers hang out.  I'm not sure how high their traffic 
is, but you may not be the only one who is suffering Xircom problems.

Best of Luck

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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