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Re: sound question

On Wed, 22 Nov 2000, David Reviejo wrote:
> % modutils (2.3.11-6)...
> % 
> % * Don't install modclean anymore. It worked, but the current
> %   implementation ignores post and pre-remove commands in modules.conf.
> %   Upstream plans to have a proper solution for 2.3.12 instead.                               
> So, it seems we have no autoclean for kernel modules on Potato.

   Case in point: my sound driver has been marked '0 (autoclean)' for
the past 8 hours and it's still there. There's not much autoclean. 

   Is modclean installed? 'type modclean' does not find it and 'dpkg -S
modclean' only finds 'modclean.8.gz'. 

   Also I'm a bit confused. My network card is marked '1 (autoclean)'.
Does that mean that modclean would unload it? Or would it be prevented
from doing so by the '1'?

   Also my masquerading modules are all marked '0 (unused)'. I assume
the difference is that I did an insmod so they won't be unloaded even if
they are not in use. Would there be a way to load them on demand
instead? Like if one of the clients on my network does an ftp then the
kernel would load 'ip_masq_ftp'? And five minutes later (or whenever I
run autoclean) it would unload the module. 

   I guess I'm dreaming.

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