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Re: Budget Laptop for Linux?

> >    About a year ago I picked up an IBM Thinkpad 560
> > (ultra portable, came out in '96) to experiment with
> > Linux on.
> > 
> >    Because it did not have a builtin CDROM, I had to
> > learn a lot about Linux, to get started, but I ended up
> > getting everything to work on it.
> > 
> >    My advice is to get a laptop with a builtin CDROM, and
> > your life will be a bit easier.
> > 
> I've installed debian on an old NEC Versa (486/75) and never
> found its lack of cdrom drive to be a detriment when I was
> installing. (I did a network install).
> If you need to install via cdrom (for whatever reason) then,
> obviously, a built in cdrom drive makes things easier.

A PCMCIA based cdrom also works fine - as long as your cardbus is
supported, the standard install process can invoke it.  At least
it worked for me - I have an Addonics ATAPI CD.

Recently I went to the store looking for Addonics' CDRW because
I figured it might have similar form factor - but could only find
stuff that makes a big deal about its zoomed-video support.  
I recall reading that this is not quite the same as normal cardbus
and can certainly fry an older bay, so I didn't buy it.  You 
might want to beware the same problem.

And if anyone knows more detail about zoomed-video with regards
to cardbus, enlighten me further :)

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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