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Upgrading Harddrive and USB

Hello folks,

I have two questions.
Firstly, I've tried to recompile a newer 2.4-pre kernel, and have had
minimal success.
I'm mostly trying to get USB support enabled because my only internet comes
through a USB ethernet device by D-Link. Unfortunately, my PCMCIA cardbus
controller completely died out a few months back, and isn't under warranty.
I've had to resort to my windows partition, which is less than ideal :)

I seek some ideas because I think there are other ways to get USB support
but I don't really know.

Secondly, I'm thinking about buying a new harddrive, maybe 10 gigs. I'd
rather not go through installation and etc. of debian again, and windows..
it takes a while as we all know and customization never ends. My idea is to
transfer the entire filesystem to another computer and burn cds of my stuff
(current hd only 3 gigs..). Does anybody think this is feasible? Any ideas
about actually pulling it off .. If i'm using my USB ethernet, which I only
have in Windows, my linux partition will be inaccessible. I'm not sure how
to get around that easily.

Thanks for your help.


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