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Best Laptop?


I'm new to the list (a few days), and I'm sure you get this question often, but I figured I'd ask for some advice. I'm about to buy a new laptop, and would like to maximize the hardware that will work, and minimize the gotchas. I've been perusing linuxhardware.net a fair bit, and there is good info, but, of course it's a bit old - and I'm looking at mid-high range laptops - so they've got lots of newish hardware.

Right now, I'm thinking primarily of getting a Dell Lattitude CPx or Inspiron 8000, or a Sony Vaio PCG.

Good choices? I've got Debian running on a Winbook XL, which went fairly smoothly (although I haven't gotten the sound to work yet.)

Any advice would be appreciated - also I'd like to hear about any other notebooks people really like.


Michelle Murrain Ph.D., President
Norwottuck Technology Resources

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