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thinkpad 760el and X4

Can't seem to get X4 working with my Thinkpad 760el.  SuperProbe
reports a Cyber9358 chipset, X and lspci seem to think it's a tgui9660. 
Either way, it's a trident with 1meg ram.

X starts and runs fine, it's just that I can't see it (blank, black
screen).  I know it runs because I can touch files from an rxvt.

I grabbed my old Modeline from X3 for 800x600 and stuck it in
XF86Config-4, still nothing.

What does it mean if X runs but I can't see it?

Pat Mahoney	<patmahoney@gmx.net>

Those of you who think you know everything are annoying those of us who do :)

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