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Re: I got me a laptop :)

On Tue, 7 Nov 2000, CaT wrote:
> It worked. I had moosik on mah lap :)
> How god are they at keeping upto date? I like running the latest stable
> kernels...

Hannu was the guy who originially wrote the kernel sound drivers, now 
called OSS/Free.  He then took the more up-to-date ones commercial, and
I'd guess that's most of what he does now, not that I know.  Those are
what you just downloaded and got working.

> Everyone at Gateway I talk to assures me that it isn't. Xircom don't mention
> the word 'winmodem' on their website (or at least as far as their search 
> engine is concerned). I will talk to the sales guy tomorrow though to double-
> confirm. I asked for a real modem durnit.
> Is there any way I can test for wether or not it is?

You probably just did. :)  But check out:


Look for the supported cards file, and look for your model number in 
there (if you have it).  There are some unsupported Xircom cards listed,
however, most are supported.  


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