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Re: dselect

On Friday 17 November 2000 11:22, m.nine.six wrote:
> don't use dselect. use apt-get and dpkg
> > Thanks for your help in advance.
> >         Andreas
Is there a way to get apt-get or dpkg to tell you about suggested packages?  
This can make the difference between having something _technically_ 
installed, and having the installation be usefull.  So far as I know, dselect 
is the only package manager that does this and is stable too.

As for how to fix this problem, I'd suggest just taking note of what dselect 
want's to uninstall, then seek out those packages from the select screen and 
mark them to be "installed", which will un-do the removal mark.

Did you know that if you play a Windows 2000 cd backwards, you 
will hear the voice of Satan?

That's nothing!  If you play it forward, it'll install Windows 2000.

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