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Re: IBM Thinkpad

On Nov  2, m.nine.six (m.nine.six@freesurf.ch) wrote:
 > "Neil L. Roeth" wrote:
 > > 
 > > On Nov  2, Maurice Verhagen (maurice@verhagen.org) wrote:
 > >  > Hello,
 > >  >
 > >  > I have a IBM Thinkpad 390E which I want to use for Debian. Although my
 > >  > question at the moment is, the IBM uses some sort of 'hibernation'
 > >  > partition. What should I do with this? Can I savely remove this or is it
 > >  > save to keep it anyway. And what can I do when the partition accidentely
 > >  > gets lost?
 > > 
 > > That is probably for a suspend to disk feature.  My Vaio can do that,
 > > too, as well as suspend to RAM.  Suspend to disk takes longer, but
 > > uses much less power.  Since this is controlled by the BIOS, it is
 > > independent of the operating system, so it should work under Linux.
 > > I'd keep it, but if you do lose it, you can probably restore it (if
 > > your notebook uses the Phoenix BIOS).  I had to restore mine with the
 > > lphdisk utility.
 > but you should setup the hibernation file before installing the system.
 > that's the fault that i made. now i can't setup hibernation without
 > reinstalling and deleting everything on my hd. so i don't use it.

I blew away my hibernate partition when I installed Linux, too, but I
had swap and /home on separate partitions (hda3 and hda4), so what I
did was make a backup of /home, then repartitioned just those two
partitions into one extended partition and one primary partition, with
cfdisk. The primary partition was at the end, and I made it into a
hibernate partition with lphdisk
(http://www.procyon.com/~pda/lphdisk/).  I set up two logical
partitions (hda5 and hda6) in the extended partition, made hda5 swap,
restored /home to hda6, and that was it!  My / and /usr were
completely unaffected.  (But back them up anyway, since a small error
with cfdisk can wipe out a partition instantly.

You should read up on mke2fs, mkswap, lphdisk, and remember that
you'll need to change fstab.  The lphdisk docs are a little ambiguous
on whether the partition can be something other than hda4, but the
code is not - it has to be hda4.  lphdisk is a Linux replacement for
the DOS phdisk.exe utility; you could use that, too, if you feel like
booting DOS.  But it apparently has bugs.

I haven't rebooted in weeks, I just use suspend to disk all the time.
One added advantage on my Vaio is that suspend to RAM stops my network
card from working, suspend to disk does not.

Neil L. Roeth

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