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Re: Debian mass installation

Christian Rehn wrote:
> I'd like to install Debian on a number of laptops over the network
> automatically.  As all laptops have the same hardware I'd like to
> install one manually, generate a file that describes the configuration
> and install Debian with the identical configuration on the other
> laptops without following the interactive setup.
> I know that RedHat has something called kickstart that does the job.
> Is there a similar program for Debian?

Not yet, but we're in the process of updating the packages to fulfil
a major precondition, i.e. use debconf.

What comes to my mind is

  . install

  . dpkg --get-selections > file

Next machine

  . dpkg --set-selections < file

  . continue isntallation, perhaps yes|dpkg -i...

  . copy /etc around



PS: NO, it's not the recommended way.
All language designers are arrogant.  Goes with the territory...
	-- Larry Wall

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