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Re: Cyberblade 7i Chipset Video Artifacts w/ stable

I have a Trident CyberBlade i7 DSTN in my HP n3310. The screen is a cheap 13" 800*600. In windows I can go to 32bpp, but only with 8mb RAM dedicated to video. I set videoram to 4mb in the BIOS and use the fbdev 3.3.6 driver at 16bpp 800*600. This is also what hpwin98se runs with 4mb. My base is potato, but I installed xsane-gimp1.1_0.63-1 and sane_1.0.3-4 from unstable, which depended on several x 4.0.1 packages. Now I have xutils_4.0.1-8 xlib6g_4.0.1-8 xlib6g-dev_4.0.1-8 xlibs_4.0.1-8 xlibs-dev_4.0.1-8 xfree-common_4.0.1-8 xserver-common_4.0.1-8. Everything else is 3.3.6-11. Basically I have newer *better* tools, the new directory structure, abd the new XF86Config. I had to change the synaptics touch pad to PS/2 and disable gpm as I was using the Microsoft protocol and /dev/gpmdata. 
It works well, and as it is a cheap screen and I don't play video games, the framebuffer driver suits my needs. I am wondering, though, how does it work with the x4 server?


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