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Re: PCMCIA modem questions

> G'Day !
> Well it looks like I'm lucky ... I plugged my PC card modem into the laptop
> heard a beep and low and behold it is recognized as a modem and is working ....
> almost
> My PPP connection is real flacky.  Sometimes it disconnects, every so often
> (every 5 minutes or so).  Last night it did not disconnect, but I could not see
> the outside world.  When I typed route, the route program would display the
> headings, but would not display the info from proc and hang.  (I check
> /proc/net/route and did see what looked like the appropiate info).
> I had set up the laptop for an ethernet  connection to a private LAN, so my
> thoughts are it is trying to use set-up info in /etc/init.d/ ...
> BTW both my NIC card and modem are PC cards.
> Any thoughts or comments ?

Yeah.  dunno what you are using to establish the PPP.  wvdial, if you're
using it, has a number of ... shall we say interesting things it can try
to make things a better connection.  Including one, which is, I kid you not,
called "stupid mode" because the author thinks that an ISP who does it that
way is choosing the stupidest way to do it.  (I don't think you have the
stupid mode problem, iirc that's for making you run the PPP daemon *instead*
of logging in, but waiting for the login prompt to appear before you do it.
I tend to agree that it's lame.)  Anyways, wvdial's manpages are actually
reasonable, you might try it.

Another is, I haven't looked in a while, but the last time I looked, the 
linuxdoc.org people had a copy of the PPP Howto that wasn't anywhere near
the much more complete one you find if you follow its links through to the
home site.  Seems the linuxfund folks got busy on it :)

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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