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Re: sony vaio laptops

Hi all,

On 25.11.00 (21:05), Jordan Evatt wrote:
> Anyway, I obviously want to make sure the Vaios have good video graphics
> capabilities and excellent linux support for all that is included with them.
> The only personal drawbacks I have against the Vaio's (the superslim pro
> model) is the fact that they don't have drive bays for dvd-rom/floppy drive,
> and the fact that it only has a 12.1" screen. Mine has a 13.3" screen, good
> grief. Does anyone have any good success stories installing/using linux
> (debian specifically) on the Vaio's? Thanks. Oh, I'm on the list, so no need
> to reply to me directly.

I bought the VAIO F290 model a year ago, it has a 15" screen, dvd-rom and floppy
drive, 6.4 GB hd and the NeoMagic 256. Pretty much everything except the IEEE1394
(aka "Firewire" aka "iLink"... ;-)) works.
But it's surely not for playing 3D games with acceleration.


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