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Re: grub?


FYI - I remember seeing some posts that indicated that the
CD that was shipped with this book has problems.  I
do not know what the "grub>" prompt is all about though.

Debian 2.1 is what I run on my Thinkpad 560, but a friend
copied the CDs for me, from the "official" ones.


From: Markus Hareide <m.a.hareide@nhm.uio.no>
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Subject: grub?
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2000 14:17:16 +0200

I'm an old Mac user trying to learn to use Linux. At first Iwas using
Mandrake 7.1, but I decided to switch to Debian because of the
philosophy behind it.
I bought the O'Reilly book "Learning Debian GNU/Linux written by Bill
McCarty. This book contained an CD with Debian 2.1.
The book explain how to install the system. But after I'm done and
restart the laptop (IBM ThinkPad) it stops at a command saying GRUB> and
nothig happends!!?? What shal I do?


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