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Can't boot Linux from hard drvie

Not sure if this is a laptop problem or if I just don't understand how
to use LILO.  I'm trying to get the laptop to boot to both WindowsME
and Debian using LILO and I've installed LILO in the boot block of the
linux partition rather that the MBR.  Seems everytime I try to boot
Debian from the hard disk I get any number of wierd symptoms before the
kernel is able to execute and then the system shuts down.  I'm able to
boot from the boot floppy created during installation though, and no
problem booting WindowsME.

Here's an excerpt:

LILO Loading Linux...........................
Uncompressing Linux...

invalid compressed format (other)

 -- System Halted

This is not totally consistent.  Sometimes I get "crc error". 
Sometimes I get "block move error 0x02".  Sometimes I get "Out of

Also, when I do boot with the boot floppy I will get the following
after a bit:

register_serial():autoconfig failed
register_serial() at 0x0af8, irg 11 failed

Not quite as worried about this as I am worried the boot problem. 
However, I'd love to hear any advice on either :)

The laptop is a Netlux 6020 (a.k.a. MiNote 6020) built by Mitac

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