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IBM Thinkpad

On Nov  2, Maurice Verhagen (maurice@verhagen.org) wrote:
 > Hello,
 > I have a IBM Thinkpad 390E which I want to use for Debian. Although my
 > question at the moment is, the IBM uses some sort of 'hibernation'
 > partition. What should I do with this? Can I savely remove this or is it
 > save to keep it anyway. And what can I do when the partition accidentely
 > gets lost?

That is probably for a suspend to disk feature.  My Vaio can do that,
too, as well as suspend to RAM.  Suspend to disk takes longer, but
uses much less power.  Since this is controlled by the BIOS, it is
independent of the operating system, so it should work under Linux.
I'd keep it, but if you do lose it, you can probably restore it (if
your notebook uses the Phoenix BIOS).  I had to restore mine with the
lphdisk utility.

Neil L. Roeth

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