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Re: Current developments with InterMezzo

On 14-Nov-2000 Mark Phillips wrote:
> Sean 'Shaleh' Perry [shaleh@valinux.com] wrote:
>> myself and several developers are watching the lists.  I have been
>> lurking since the list was created.  Once they have a robust setup,
>> i suspect it will appear in debian quickly.  I still have
>> apprehension over trusting my filesystem to perl.
> Why is perl a danger?  
> I thought one advantage of InterMezzo was that it makes use of normal
> filesystems.  Ie, you have an ext2, ext3 or ReiserFS underneath and
> the perl stuff is really for higher level transactions.  Surely perl
> is reliable and appropriate for this higher level stuff???  Maybe
> not??

sorry, some of us don't like trusting system level things to high level
languages like perl.  Mostly a bias.  Partly a runtime efficiency thing.

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