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Re: Vaio Suspend (was: IBM Thinkpad)

On Sun, Nov 05, 2000 at 11:08:36PM +0900, YH Gian wrote:
> I use a Vaio too and I have been having this network card problem with
> suspend to RAM. When I got the VAIO it didn't seem to have the final
> partition for suspend to DISK so I assumed that it was handled
> elsewhere, at least it appeared to suspend when in Windows. Is there
> anyway to find out if the suspend in Windows is just a suspend to RAM
> instead of suspend to DISK ?

Hi, my understanding is, that you can choose to put the hybernation information
in either a partition or in an image file which is located in the Windows (DOS)
file system. If you call phdisk.exe (under DOS) without command line options,
you can see that it allows to create an image file with the /FILE option.
My VAIO came configured this way. To use suspend to disk with Linux, I removed 
the image file and created an appropriate partition using phdisk /CREATE ...
(I know there is a Linux tool to do this now, but I wasn't aware of if at that

The strange effect I see though is: apm -s (or pressing Fn-Esc) suspends to
RAM immediately as expected. However pressing Fn-F12 for suspend to disk
only starts suspending, after I've shortly operated the power switch (less 
than 2s or it will take away power). Resume works fine in both suspend modes.
Works fine under Windows.  Any ideas (this a VAIO N505SN)


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