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Re: xf86config and Neomagic 256AV


jvicente@banelco.com.ar wrote:

> I have tried to install XFree on potato but I couldn't find my video card.
> I found a Neomagic MagicGraph 128 option, but mine is 256.

I've got a vaio f-250 with that chip in it and I use xf86config to create an
XF86Config file for it.

> Which xserver should I use? I think it should be SVGA.
> Have somebody tried Framebuffer? Is it better than standard svga?

svga works like a charm.  I haven't tried Framebuffer but I'd love to know your
experience with it.

> And I don't know which horizontal or vertical refresh rates I have to set.
> BTW, I have a thinkpad 390E.

hsync= 31.5-48.5
vsync= 60

I then edit the XF86Config file.  Delete any modes that aren't "1024x768" and
also any screen definitions that aren't "1024x768".  Because of the way an
LCD works these aren't variable so you can't use the other modes (at least
I can't) and they tend to mess things up.

good luck,

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