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Re: Laptop Dell Latitude CPx 650 with Debian Potato 2.2


Here's my responses.

I installed X11 and I'm using window maker, the video driver I select was MACH64, it works good but in the right most of screen I have a little flickering column, what should I do to eliminate that problem ?

I have the same problem. But I'm still using XFree 3.3.6. I've been wary of an upgrade to XFree 4, but I don't really use X that much (I basically run game servers off my laptop at LANparties)

How Can I install the audio drivers ?

I'm in agreement with the previous response. I haven't found any drivers that really work too well, but I have heard of the prestage alpha drivers in dev right now. I forget where I got the word on those.

And my worst problem how can I install the xircom drivers ?

I guess I didn't have a problem because the setup found the Xircom adapter when probing the PCMCIA port. I had problems getting the card to run DHCP during bootup, but I found that the network components are initialized before cardmgr can initialize. I know I could probably adjust the order of the initialization, but I'm too lazy and I just run the DHCP client after I log in.

Hope this somewhat helps. I'm still working out the kinks, but I can at least offer some experience on the Dell CPx 650.

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