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new issue v3.0 Infrared-HOWTO (former IR-HOWTO)


now available is v3.0 of the Infared-HOWTO (former IR-HOWTO). There
are only minor changes of the content. The HOWTO still needs
a major rewrite. But I suppose the following changes are
important, too.

- New URL http://irda.sourceforge.net of the Linux/IrDA Project, 
  so people don't have to struggle for the new address.
- New URL http://mobilix.org/howtos.html of the HOWTO.
- Conversion to DocBook format, which makes it easier to maintain
  by a group of writers. It's quite easier to make separate
  parts, which can easily be included into the main document.
- New name of the HOWTO, makes it more clear that it deals
  with IrDA and remote control via infrared devices as well.
- New GNU Free Documentation License - GFDL.


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