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Sound Conf -- ESS Maestro-2


I am a brand-new Debian user but have used other dists for several years.  I 
just installed potato and dist-upgraded to woody.

I'm trying to get sound to work on my laptop with ESS maestro-2.  I've had it 
configured for me automatically by Redhat 6.2 and Redhat 7.0 before.

When I run alsaconf and select ESS-Maestro2 I answer a bunch of questions 
(Max. dac frame size in kB, etc.) which I have no idea what the answers are 
so I select middles in the given ranges.  First, is my problem related to 
these answers & if so any ideas where to find them?

On finishing I get:
Loading driver:
Starting sound driver:  es1968.
Setting the PCM volume to 100% and the Master output volume to 50%
The ALSA sound driver was not detected in this system.
Could not initialize the mixer, the card was probably
not detected correctly.

Do I not have the ALSA sound driver?  lsmod reveals a bunch of sound-related 
modules -- looks okay.

When I try to play a sound I get nothing -- wavp appears to play wav files, 
but no sound comes out (volume is up).  Running amixer I get:
The ALSA sound driver was not detected in this system.

I read a similar question on this list and the response was the alsa was beta 
software and to try OSS.  I can't find deb's for that with dselect.  Wouldn't 
OSS also be kernel sound modules, i.e. under /lib/modules/2.2.17/sound?  Are 
there deb's for these modules (which are different from the alsa modules I 
have under there now) or will I need to compile the kernel myself to go that 

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Gavin Scott

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