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Re: Best Laptop?

Sorry...I already deleted the original message, so I'll just respond to this one...

	I'm using a Toshiba Satellite 2775XDVD, and I'm thoroughly impressed.  I bought a Netgear FA510c eth card, compiled the cardbus and tulip modules that came with my kernel (test7; didn't try the one off the disk, but at least it was there...), and it worked off the bat.  Unfortunately, it came with a Lucent Winmodem, but the modem worked perfectly with the ltmodem driver.  It uses a Maestro 2E, which was originally supported in kernel 2.2.14.

	The only problems that I have encountered so far are:
(1) The Savage IX/MV that it comes with requires the special X Server available from S3 and somewhere else (forget where), which can and does cause hardware lockups (it's still beta...problems should be ironed out soon)
(2) Suspend-to-ram works perfectly, but it doesn't wake up when it's supposed to, and when I wake it up, there is no picture (might be a suspend vs. XF prob though...)

	I attempted to set up my DVD drive, but I was doing that when I was still using the VGA16 driver.  Now, I have the correct X Server, but I had misconfigured LiViD, and can't find the place to re-configure it...so I'm not sure if it works...

	In addition, it has an S/PDIF out, a hardware volume control, and it has 3 spindles (may be good or bad, depending on what you want to do with it...

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