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Re: console-apt (was: dist-upgrade-except-foo...)

Heather <star@starshine.org> writes:

> If you last used it before about February or so (maybe earlier...) its 
> interface has changed immensely, and is a lot more like aptitude now.  It 
> even has real menus.  

Heh, heh.  No, I tried it a couple weeks ago.  Actually I was pretty impressed
with the interface, and the nice extras like selecting the sort/grouping
orders.  The problem that I had was that I spent over an hour in capt,
selecting the packages I wanted to install, and then, when I went to install
them, it crashed on me, causing me to lose my selections.

> Avoiding *having* to tag all the deps myself was why I switched to debian
> in the first place.  But capt, at least in its present state, does not 
> actually begin the download without having you confirm... you have a chance
> to bail on evil selections.

Although aptitude makes you select the deps yourself, it presents it in a nice
way, so that they're easy to find.  You ask it for the deps for each package
you want to install, and it lists them all out, by how important they are
(depends, recommends, suggests, etc.).  And you tag these packages for
installation from this list (IIRC, from my brief encounter with it, capt didn't
let you do this).

Having to tag all the deps can be annoying, but, for what I use aptitude for
(which is just maintenance and installing the occasional new package), it works
great.  And it's fun looking at the dependencies (at least for me).

I also like the fact that I can run aptitude as a non-root user, and look at
what packages are available.


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