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PCMCIA modem questions

G'Day !

Well it looks like I'm lucky ... I plugged my PC card modem into the laptop
heard a beep and low and behold it is recognized as a modem and is working ....

My PPP connection is real flacky.  Sometimes it disconnects, every so often
(every 5 minutes or so).  Last night it did not disconnect, but I could not see
the outside world.  When I typed route, the route program would display the
headings, but would not display the info from proc and hang.  (I check
/proc/net/route and did see what looked like the appropiate info).

I had set up the laptop for an ethernet  connection to a private LAN, so my
thoughts are it is trying to use set-up info in /etc/init.d/ ...

BTW both my NIC card and modem are PC cards.

Any thoughts or comments ?

Jim Parker

Sailboat racing is not a matter of life and death ....  It is far more important
than that !!!

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