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Re: Can't boot into Linux after Install

+++ Heather <star@starshine.org> writes:

> Yeah... boot off a rescue disk (my favorites: Tom's rtbt, or Linuxcare's
> BBC), mount up the drive's partitions in the right order, chroot into the
> environment, then dpkg --purge pcmcia-cs.  (That'll get it out of the init
> scripts, as well as getting rid of its control files so they don't waste
> space for you). 

I'm sure, that he solved the problem already, but for the next time
IMHO it is sufficient to boot with a boot parameter:

linux init=/bin/sh

... and remove the link in /etc/rcS.d to the init script concerning
the problem (after mounting the root filesystem). After the next
normally boot you can remove the package as you described above.

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