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Re: X4 is slow on Neomagic (NM2200)

Anton Gyllenberg wrote:
> I use woody and upgraded to X4. The upgrade was painless and the
> X4 configuration tool 'dexter' worked nicely. I chose the 'neomagic'
> driver and a resolution of 1024x768. Everything seems to work correctly,
> but the new X is noticeably slower than the old one. For example,
> scrolling in netscape hurts badly.
> Is this normal behaviour, or perhaps a configuration error?

I can confirm that I am experiencing the same kind of slowdown. I have
not been able to find anything that would cause it, nor have I found any
mentions of this problem anywhere else... The slowdown is really quite

The upgrade was painless except that there was a dependency missing on
xutils which caused enlightenemnet not start at all. There was already a
bug report filed for this.

says madsen

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