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re: loading modules

On Tue, Oct 31, 2000 at 06:09:12AM -0800, Andrew Dixon wrote:
> Drew Parsons wrote:
>   lsmod displays loaded modules.
> ----------------------------------------------
> lsmod gives:
>     #lsmod
>     Module       Pages    Used by
>     memory_cs        2            0
>     ds               2            [memory_cs]    2
>     i82365           5            2
>     pcmcia_core      9            [memory_cs ds
> i82365]    0
> ----------------------------------------------------

memory_cs is *very* suspicious here.  I get that loaded when my system isn't
working properly (it's supposed to refer to a PCMCIA memory card, which I
presume you aren't using).   You didn't mention what model laptop you have.
On my Toshiba laptop (490CDT) I found I had to switch the BIOS setting for
the PCMCIA ports to 16 bit only (no cardbus), to stop that problem happening.

But recompiling your kernel is the best thing to do first. Don't forget to
recompile the pcmcia-modules as well when you do.

> and modprobe gives:
>     #modprobe -k tulip
>     /lib/modules/2.0.38/net/tulip.o: init_module:
> Device or resource busy

Probably related to the memory_cs problem.

> Can you make any sence out of this?  I can't find a
> man page for pcmcia-cs, what is it?

The user program for dealing with pcmcia-cs is cardctl, but don't forget
there's plenty of documentation in /usr/share/doc.  You can restart
pcmcia-cs with "/etc/init.d/pcmcia restart" (but you might get the "busy"
message again if you try).

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