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RE: Thinkpad 390E

> Hello,
> This might be a little off-topic but I guess you can help me with this.
> Yesterday I installed Debian on my system and everything was fine, later
> that day, the harddisk acted weird.
> I got ide0: interrupt lost messages and several timeouts.
> The harddisk made a real weird noise.
> I didn't touch hdparm of made a custom kernel until that point.
> So I thought: it might be 'overheated' by a day of use (which would not be
> good thing, but hey). So now in the morning the damn thing doesn't boot at
> all. I tried to reinstall both Debian or Windows98 but the harddisk cannot
> be detected any longer.
> I guess the harddisk is no more so I have to get myself a new one. I
> wondered if I could just slam in another 2.5" drive, or that is has to be
> an IBM drive or, even worse (because I think they aren't made any
> longer) a thinkpad390E specific drive.
> Does anybody have ideas on this or is the harddisk not damaged at all?
Sounds to me like you have a hardware problem.  It could be
the disk or the interface but since the disk made noise, it's
probably the disk.  Try going into the bios and see if you
can get it to detect the disk in any way.

As far as what kind of replacement disk...  I have a micron
laptop and it uses standard disks.  You can't take one from
a different kind of laptop and just slam it in.  You have to
take the drive out of the carrier and install it in the carrier
for your laptop.  I have used old toshiba disks in my micron
with no problem... ymmv...

good luck

> Kind regards,
> Maurice Verhagen
> The Netherlands
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