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Re: Toshiba Satellite Boot problems

+++ Drew Parsons <dparsons@emerall.com> writes:

> Come to mention it, I've had problems with the potato boot disk too, on a
> Toshiba 490CDT.  It won't boot off the CD, just doesn't see it, if I recall
> correctly.  Other CDs (e.g. slink, what I originally installed Debian off)
> boot fine, so I thought it might have just been a poor quality CD.  But when
> I checked it on someone else's computer, it booted fine on their computer.
> Strange.

Me to! I have a Toshiba T8100, and the Potato boot disk does not boot
from it. Other bootable disks (RH 6.2, SuSE 7.0) are ok, so IMHO there
must be a problem with disk image. However, it boots right on my
desktop, but this is a 24x, the t8100 have a 42x. Perhaps this is the

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