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Re: Opensound driver

> On Wed, 29 Nov 2000, Toosa wrote:
> > I've ordered and paid for $20 to www.opensound.com for the oss driver.
> > (this is for my ASUS L8400C - ES1988 Allegro-1)
> > And I've tried to download osslinux393s-2217-UP.tar.gz(94 byte).
> you said 94 bytes ??? i think it is too small try to download it again ...
> > but it cannot be decompressed with 
> > gunzip -d osslinux393s-2217-UP.tar.gz
> > the error message is : gunzip: osslinux393s-2217-UP.tar.gz: not in gzip
> > format
> > nor by: tar -zxvf osslinux393s-2217-UP.tar.gz
> maybe it's not gzipped and it is bzipped, but someone forgets to put .bz2 
> instead of .gz

You can use the program 'file' and ask it.  This looks at the real contents
of the file (magic numbers, data headers, etc) to determine what type it is.

I have used it in the past to identify images mislabelled as GIF, etc.

> anyway i think you should try to download the file again ... maybe an 
> error ocurr while you were trying to download ...

It is vaguely possible that this happened - if it did, 'file' will either
call it 'data' (it's unrecognized ... on my workstation this is what word
docs get) - or it will properly identify what it was supposed to be, and 
you can rename the file.

Unfortunately an increasing number of GUI tools use the extensions rather
than the magic to figure out what to do with files.  I hear there is a hack
for midnight commander to get it to do the right thing.  


* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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