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apt-get dist-upgrade-except-foo1[-and-foo2] ?

Hi everyone

Recently I compiled myself a kernel and packed it with the aid of 
kernel-package. I ended up with two .debs,
with suit my laptop setup (now it powers off and pcmcia works fine).

Now, I'm living on the edge with woody, and everytime I run 'apt-get 
dist-upgrade' I am told to upgrade these two packages, which means kernel 
freezing on pcmcia insertion and no automagic power-off.
Question is: Is there a way of upgrade all but these two (or any other) 
Juan Miguel Bocanegra Morón <juanmi@satec.es>
SATEC - Marina 16-18, 9 D - 08005 Barcelona (SPAIN)
voice +34 932256920 fax.: +34 932251811

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