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Re: xf86config and Neomagic 256AV

jvicente@banelco.com.ar wrote:

> I have tried to install XFree on potato but I couldn't find my video card.
> I found a Neomagic MagicGraph 128 option, but mine is 256.
> Which xserver should I use? I think it should be SVGA.

Yup, SVGA.  There's no mention of NeoMagic in my XF86Config, so it must be
autodetected (did grep -i, so no case variation either).  I recommend 16 bpp, 24
is quite slow.

> Have somebody tried Framebuffer? Is it better than standard svga?

Is there a NeoMagic framebuffer?  I can't imagine it would be as fast.

> And I don't know which horizontal or vertical refresh rates I have to set.
> BTW, I have a thinkpad 390E.

Sorry, I can't help you there.  Maybe the Linux Laptop pages?  That's where I
got XF86Config for my Vaio.


-Adam P.

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