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Re: confusing pcmcia problems


So you have network connectivity, but not necessarily tcp/ip connectivity (assuming no hardware problems).

I believe you said you could not ping a server (tcp/ip).
Can you ping yourself?  ping and ping server.assigned.ip.123
Are you using a DHCP relay? (which would allow your dhcp server to be on another subnet, and could possibly prevent you from pinging it, if you had no routing table.  DHCP relay would be on another server, not on your workstation.

Get tcpdump, and run it.  Let's see what's going on.  Open up two windows, 'tcpdump -n eth0' (-n = no DNS resolution, too slow) on one window.  On the other, try pinging someone you know is on your subnet:

It will look something like this:
assuming your ip is

Win1                                           Win2
---                                            ----
# tcpdump -n       (must be root)              $ ping
Listing on eth0
arp who-has tell
arp reply is-at 0:d0:ba... > icmp: echo request    64 bytes from ...123 .1ms > icmp: echo reply

Also, on the ping, whether or not you get a response, you'll see 0% up through 100% packet lost.  I assume you are getting 100% loss?

If this doesn't help, try posting your ifconfig, route -n and an example ping and tcpdump.  Also ping and your server assigned ip.


On Wed, Nov 29, 2000 at 08:05:21PM -0800, Michael Dickey wrote:
> ---- Heather <star@starshine.org> wrote:
> > did you says tty little-s 2 ?  shouldn't it be ttyS2 ?
> > 
> Boy do I feel like an idiot! I'm still confused though, because it was
> working... Changed to ttyS2 and modem works fine. in /dev there are,
> however, ttys0, ttys1, etc. as well as ttyS0, ttyS1, etc. Why are the
> ones with lower case 's' there?
> On the ethernet side, what else would allow DHCP to function, obtain
> an IP address and add a nameserver to /etc/resolv.conf, but still end
> up with non-functioning network?
> Still confused... Michael
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