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Re: Opensound driver

I've checked that file with file, yes ..its only an html file that
containt an error message like this:

<H1>FTP Error</H1>
<h2>Could not login to FTP server</h2>

Actualy, I have the license key from opensound already, but its still
not working.
Every time I tried on : http://www.opensound.com/download.cgi; then
enter the license key,
always got that error file.

And also tried to ftp://www.se.opensound.com/pub/oss/linux, still not
Is the ftp server of opensound down ?
I've checked at Alsa, but es1988 Allegro-1 is not supported yet. :'-(
driver from opendsound is the only hope for now.


Heather wrote:
> > On Wed, 29 Nov 2000, Toosa wrote:
> >
> > > I've ordered and paid for $20 to www.opensound.com for the oss driver.
> > > (this is for my ASUS L8400C - ES1988 Allegro-1)
> > > And I've tried to download osslinux393s-2217-UP.tar.gz(94 byte).
> > you said 94 bytes ??? i think it is too small try to download it again ...
> >
> > > but it cannot be decompressed with
> > > gunzip -d osslinux393s-2217-UP.tar.gz
> > > the error message is : gunzip: osslinux393s-2217-UP.tar.gz: not in gzip
> > > format
> > > nor by: tar -zxvf osslinux393s-2217-UP.tar.gz
> > maybe it's not gzipped and it is bzipped, but someone forgets to put .bz2
> > instead of .gz
> You can use the program 'file' and ask it.  This looks at the real contents
> of the file (magic numbers, data headers, etc) to determine what type it is.
> I have used it in the past to identify images mislabelled as GIF, etc.
> > anyway i think you should try to download the file again ... maybe an
> > error ocurr while you were trying to download ...
> It is vaguely possible that this happened - if it did, 'file' will either
> call it 'data' (it's unrecognized ... on my workstation this is what word
> docs get) - or it will properly identify what it was supposed to be, and
> you can rename the file.
> Unfortunately an increasing number of GUI tools use the extensions rather
> than the magic to figure out what to do with files.  I hear there is a hack
> for midnight commander to get it to do the right thing.
> Enjoy
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