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Re: System freezes after starting PCMCIA

On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 03:57:02PM -0700, Hubert Chan wrote: 

> Philipp Schulte <p.schulte@matrix.uni-duisburg.de> writes:
> > Ok, if I start pcmcia with "/etc/init.d/pcmcia start" while the card is
> > inserted the system totally freezes - sysrq doesn't work. I can hear a
> > short beep and that's it. Removing the card doesn't help.
> The way you're writing sounds like if you start pcmcia what the card isn't in,
> then the system doesn't freeze.  Is that right?

Yes. I somehow managed once to load the the tulip_cb module. But
ifconfig would not work then.

> > I am totally new to the PCMCIA-system so I would appreciate it, if you
> > could point me the right direction. Is it possible to insert and eject
> > the card at any time?
> Yes.  Some computers will automatically detect when the card is inserted and
> removed.  I never got mine to do that.  But you should look into the cardctl
> program.  Under X, you can also use the cardinfo program (make sure you run
> these as root, or they may not work too well...).

I don't have X running. That's another problem.
> > BTW: http://mobilix.org says this card is supported, that's why I
> > bought it. And I have read postings from people, saying this card
> > works very well. 
> > So what am I doing wrong?
> If the card is supposed to work fine, there may be something wrong with the
> PCMCIA controller.  Some manufacturers don't use very compatible chipsets.
> Toshiba (my laptop) is one of them -- I had to disable 32-bit CardBus support
> to get it to work.  I don't know anything about LifeBook, though.

You mean while doing the PCMCIA-config? Should I try that?

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