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Re: quick general debian questions

On Sat, Nov 11, 2000 at 08:14:54PM -0500, MaxieZeus wrote:
> Hi.  Im running potato on a microquest laptop.  It runs well, no
> problems.  I have recently started using debian on "my" computers,
> having left suse after they decided to charge *=2 what they were.  So if
> anyone has answers and time please let me know.
> 1)  How can I control the boot process?  i.e.:
> Zope starts on my laptop, and Id really not like that?  Id like to add
> dhcp-client.  things like that

I'm not sure what the "best" way is for controlling programs that start
automatically, but here's one way.  I presume in /etc/init.d/ you have an
entry called zope, which controls start/stop/restart.  You could manually
put an "exit" statement in that zope script which will stop it ever starting
up (of course you'd then have to comment out that exit when you want to
start it manually).

dhcp-client should load up automatically when you install the package,
but you probably want to register it's use in
/etc/pcmcia/network.opts (see the two commented out examples at the top of
the file?).   Don't forget, you have a choice between
dhcp-client and dhcpcd.  I got dhcpcd to work but not dhcp-client, but that
might have been due to a temporary problem with our dhcp server since dhcpcd
didn't work either at first.

> 2)  when starting a windowmanger from xdm, how can I autostart
> programs?  basically how can I make xdm use .xinitrc?

Do you want to use .xsession rather than .xinitrc?

> 3) how can I set the mixer non graphically? I was using OSS on SuSE

Use aumixer?

Good luck,


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