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multiple kernels fandango.

Okay, I know oyu guys are going to laugh, but we all have our bad days.
Maybe I should take the world in smaller chunks than by running 
	apt-get dist-upgrade

Anyways, most of the things I thought would be sneaky and evil weren't.
(Thanks, of course, to the maintainers :> for their recommends: being on
straight.)  But, I am the sort of person who keeps about 4 different kernels
around.  That usually being
	a debian normal image out of the kits
	a locally compiled current kernel for normal use
	a bleeding edge 2.2 kernel
	whichever 2.4 kernel I've decided to inflict on myself lately.

Anyways now that 2.4 is actually approaching usable I'm going to be 
switching a lot more than I used to.  The thing that's really getting me 
tho, 2.4pre's aside, is that depmod is driving me crazy.

I have a 2.2.16 kernel with USB support as my day to day kernel.  I switch
to my bleeding edge 2.2 kernel and depmod -a still reaches for 2.2.16.  Of
course I tried reading the notes in /usr/share/doc/modutils, but they're 
useless for this.  I tried doing an strace to see if I could determine where
it was learning 2.2.16, since /boot/System.map is a symlink the the new map,
/boot/vmlinuz is a symlink to the new kernel, and uname -r properly reports.

I'd say I'm sure I'm missing something simple, and I hope so, but I'm feeling
rather cynical about it at the moment.  Attempts to use -F to tell it to use
the correct system map still must be checking against 2.2.16's modules tho,
because when I do that, only 3 of them complain about missing symbols instead 
of darn near all of them.  If it were looking properly at this morning's 
2.2.18pre21 it might not be missing any.

doctors make the worst patients :(  Any ideas for hackery suitable to make
it stop memorizing the last kernel it was on are highly welcomed.  And if 
I find or hack together a working answer first, I'll let you know.  But 
any advice towards enough to make a more useful bug report than "upgraded,
now it doesn't work.  noisily." will be greatly welcomed.

I'm kind of afraid to recompile card services until I'm sure the parts 
will be probed orrectly.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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