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Re: Debian mass installation

Richard Black <rblack@algorithmics.com> writes:

> A (hopefully) related question...What I want to do is replace my current hard
> drive with a larger hard drive and copy my current set up to the new drive.  My
> basic plan of attack is to backup my current hard drive then use GNU parted to
> create a (?bootable?) partition on new harddrive, then (somehow--maybe by
> booting using a boot disk...) rsync a backed up system to that new partition
> (via nfs).
> What I am not sure of is what else I need to do, or is that it?  It seems to me
> that, if it works, this approach would work pretty well for doing mass
> installations.
> cheers
> Richard

Ever thought of 'mirrordir'? You'd only have to partition the new HDD
and create the directories in /, and set them to the appropriate
permissions. Then mirrordir them except for /proc and /tmp, exchange
old and new HDD, boot from a floppy or CD, and run LILO (if you're
using it).


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