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Re: How to get rid of LILO

--- Andrew D Dixon <andrew_dwight_dixon@yahoo.com>
> HI All,
> I'm trying to reinstall Win98 on my laptop (don't
> worry I just want a
> little practice using fips so that I can install
> Debian on a friends
> laptop:).  Anyway I repartitioned and reformated the
> drive but when I
> try to boot from the hard disk it prints:
>     LI
> to the screen and then hangs.  I think this is
> residual from LILO, at
> least that's my best guess.
> I'm running PheonixBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0 .
> thanks,
> Andy
fdisk /mbr (undocumented feature of fdisk)
does the trick.


apt-get into it!

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