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Re: Cyberblade 7i Chipset Video Artifacts w/ stable

On Sat, Nov 25, 2000 at 01:12:56AM -0500, Robert Gash wrote:
> The videocard appears to work fine, and the XFree driver runs it at
> 1024x768 at 16bpp like it runs in windows.  However, under any load the
> screen has little oddities and artifacts all over it (brief flashes that
> look like one row of pixels had a burp).  It's fine when the system is
> at rest, but when new windows are opening, etc it causes problems.
> Anyone know how to fix this? (I've tried both 4mb and 8mb for the video
> RAM size [selectable via the windows driver] and it dosen't fix it.
> 8bit works great).

I've had some problems when running with the "accel"-option activated.
If you have it activated, try to turn it off.

Groetjes, Peter

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