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Hibernating Vaio..how

On Nov  2, Debian List (debian@atienza.dhs.org) wrote:
 > I set up a partition at the end of my drive which should be used for
 > hibernating.  I have a sony pcg c1xs and am i supposed to just do apm
 > -s.  Cause that doesnt suspend to disk.  What im really asking is how do
 > you call the bios to take over and suspend everything to disk

Whatever the keys are that do it for DOS will do it for Linux.  On my
Vaio 505VE, it is Fn-F12.  F12 has a little icon of an arrow pointing
into a cylinder.  Fn-Esc on my Vaio is suspend to RAM, and is the same
as doing apm -s.

Neil L. Roeth

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