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Re: I got me a laptop :)

On Sun, Nov 05, 2000 at 01:34:19PM +0900, sen_ml@eccosys.com wrote:
> From: CaT <cat@zip.com.au>
> Subject: I got me a laptop :)
> Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2000 23:34:33 +1100
> Message-ID: <20001105233433.B7880@zip.com.au>
> > Some of you may remember an earlier thread where I asked for advice
> > on IBM and Toshiba laptops and how well linux works on them. Well I
> > finally went and got me one and it's a Gateway. :)
> i failed to notice which model in particular from your post.  did you
> mention that?

No I didn't. My oopsie. Gateway Solo 5300XL Deluxe.

CaT (cat@zip.com.au)

	'We do more then just sing and dance. We've got a brain too.'
		-- The Backstreet Boys

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