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Re: Laptop Dell Latitude CPx 650 with Debian Potato 2.2

Thanks a lot David for your help,

In the case of my Xircom Network Card Interface I checked at xircom web site
and the information is that is not a winmodem.

They indicated a beta driver for it, not produced by them. I'll try to use

Where did you get XFree86 4.0 by Debian distribution ?


Mario A. Rodrigues

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Subject: Re: Laptop Dell Latitude CPx 650 with Debian Potato 2.2

> On Thu, 30 Nov 2000, Mario Rodrigues wrote:
> > I'm a new debian user and I have some doubts about how to configure my
> > new Laptop Dell Latitude CPx 650.
> I have a CPx 750 (just a wee bit faster is all), so I can certainly give
> you a hand.
> > I installed X11 and I'm using window maker, the video driver I select
> > was MACH64, it works good but in the right most of screen I have a
> > little flickering column, what should I do to eliminate that problem ?
> XFree86 4.0 fixes this.  In any case, the flickering won't hurt.  Win2k
> does this to my screen as well.
> > How Can I install the audio drivers ?
> The Maestro is not supported yet, though there is a VERY, VERY alpha
> driver is available, but I don't have the website handy and google was of
> no help.  In any event, it isn't ready for general consumption and might
> crash your machine.
> > And my worst problem how can I install the xircom drivers ?
> I don't have the combo Ether/Modem card, so I can't help you there.  Is
> this a WinModem?
>                                            -Dave
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