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X Windows Geometry Question

Try the following X resource:

Emacs.geometry: 80x40

If that doesn't work, try the class name XEmacs instead of Emacs.If
that still doesn't work, let me know.  I can explain how I set my
system up, a little more complicated than the above, but it works well.

Remember that if you make such changes in .Xresources, you need to do
a "xrdb -merge .Xresources" after each change, or restart X.

On Nov 29, Kieren Diment (kieren@mailandnews.com) wrote:
 > I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but I am having a
 > minor problem with my laptops display under the standard Potato
 > distribution with X and fvwm2 and blackbox using the SVGA and 
 > Neomagic X servers.
 > Every time I start Xemacs 21.1 the default window geometry is such
 > that either the title bar is off the top of the screen or the
 > minibuffer is off the bottom of the screen.  Any ideas how to fix
 > this, or a better forum to ask in much appreciated.
 > Kieren
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Neil L. Roeth

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