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Re: dell inspiron 4000, 3com miniPCI 3c556 (vortex)

Thanks Heather, I've got the NIC working, now.

On Fri, 17 Nov 2000 15:02:13 -0500  Heather wrote:
> > I've got potato installed on the machine (base + a few bits) but
> > whenever I try to load the 3c59x (vortex) kernel module, it
> > craps out with (paraphrased):  "device or resource busy".
> > Web searches had led me to the home page for a fellow named
> > Fred Maciel who had apparently patched Donald Becker's vortex
> > driver to support this card and the notes on the web page
> > indicated that the patches had been included in kernel 2.2.17.

It turns out that the patches *are* in 2.2.17 but both Debian 2.2
and 2.2r1 seem to have been distributed with 2.2.17pre-something
which doesn't include the patch....

Rolling my own stock 2.2.17 was sufficient to get the thing working.

> > However, Fred's home page seems to have disappeared....
> > (It was at  http://www2.neweb.ne.jp/wd/fbm/3c556/ )

FWIW, the page is back.

> > Anyone have experiences/suggestions/etc.?
> Yeah, when you succeed, make a deb for yourself with your kernel parts,
> and keep it in a safe place in case you need it.

Good advice.  I've tucked away my deb in a warm and cozy place.  :-)

Cheers, all!

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