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quick general debian questions

Hi.  Im running potato on a microquest laptop.  It runs well, no
problems.  I have recently started using debian on "my" computers,
having left suse after they decided to charge *=2 what they were.  So if
anyone has answers and time please let me know.

1)  How can I control the boot process?  i.e.:
Zope starts on my laptop, and Id really not like that?  Id like to add
dhcp-client.  things like that

2)  when starting a windowmanger from xdm, how can I autostart
programs?  basically how can I make xdm use .xinitrc?

3) how can I set the mixer non graphically? I was using OSS on SuSE

thanks in advance for any and all help

Maxie Zeus

Laugh at your problems; everybody else does.

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