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Re: pcmcia upgrade slink->potato

> I've finally upgraded my Asus f7400 laptop from slink r5 to potato 
> from the r0 CDs (2.2.17 kernel).  All is sweetness and light except 
> I'm no longer able to access the ethernet through my 3Com/Megahertz 
> 3CCFEM556 card.

That is the exact same hardware and software configuration that I have.
Let me guess: you bought an "Attache" from Linux Laptops before they
folded, right?

At any rate, mine works, so yours should too.

Your second message is very enlightening:

Running single user and starting pcmcia by hand results in this

> eth0: found link beat
> eth0: link partner did not autonegotiate

This is normal, I see this every time too.

> ping: sendto: Operation not permitted
> ping: wrote [target addr] 64 chars, ret=-1
> Packet log: output DENY eth0 PROTO=1 [my addr] [target addr] L=84 S=0x00 I=18 F=0x0000 T=64 (#2)

You've got an ipchains problem. Your output firewall is blocking the
ping packets. If you run "ipchains -L output" as root, you will most
likely see some firewall rules. If you run "ipchains -F output", your
ping problem will most likely go away (but be careful; the rules may be
there for a reason).


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