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[no subject] 2.1 kernels and dpkg. Re: [ABUSE] Is Your Web Site A Secret? (fwd) Fwd: Accounts on Linux/PowerPC available for developers Ack! No libc6 ncurses. Amaya vs Netscape sizes (Re: compiling with libc5) Re: Anyone available that I can call??? Anyone interested in MusiXTeX? Anyone like to PGP sign my New Maintainer application? :-) anyone look at TkStep+Afterstep control panel Anyone packaging ezwgl? Anyone packaging the beta of GNUSCAPE Apache 1.2 + proxy - how? ApacheSSL Re: apcupsd, genpower, and PowerShute(TM) "Black" cable. Architecture: any? Automated re-creation of base1_3.tgz? Automating Anacron (was: Should packages depend on cron?) backspace broken in pine, ncftp Re: Bad Maintainer Addresses Bash 2.0 new yacc grammer parser (netscape problems) berolist bind 4.9.6 /bin/sh != /bin/bash boot-time kernel selection and / mismatch bo-updates ChangeLog wrong? Broken dpkg-build, lost mail Broken way to implement NIS Bug#10554: netdiag: diagperms sets perms for tcpdump Re: Bug#10902: Device driver 3c59x hangs Bug#11144: general: DNS zone for uses CNAMES for MX records Re: Bug#11333: dependency problem in ssh? Re: Bug#11569: ncurses-term: backspace does not work after upgrade Re: Bug#11612: G++ Internal Compiler Error with Exceptions and Set Arrays Bug#2717: An old bug (some app-defaults specified as conffiles) Re: Bug#2717: conffiles in /usr Bug#2717: marked as done (was: conffiles in /usr) Re: Bug#3066: a.out binaries in various packages Bug#3066: marked as done (was: a.out binaries in various packages) Re: Bug#3199: Bizarre message from Re: Bug#988: `script' is insecure, and general tty insecurity Bug in the bug tracking system Re: Bug Reporting system (building and) compiling libc6-dependent packages under "bo"? Can anyone sign me? Can I use PGP software? Re: Cc lists in list follow-ups CDE Emulators packaged? .changes and .dsc must be PGP signed Change Spice was Re: Free software Re: changes to Packages file Changing email adress compiling twin Re: compiling with libc5 Configuration files in /usr/etc Confusion about pristine original sources copyright problem : c64 rom bios copyright question Copyright question Cygnus License text ddd? debian 2.0 announcement Debian and the Single UNIX Spec Debian co-existence with windows 95 Re: Debian Common Lisp Interpreter Package debian-devel-changes mailing list archive? debian-devel-digest? Debian-devel is full of noise debian distributions Re: Debian GNU/Linux in the German press! Re: debian-non-US mirrors (was Re: debmake) Re: Debian Policy based on the wrong technical assumptions debian-policy list Debian Policy Manual released Debian support for Ultra ATA controller cards Re: Deity UI draft Deity UI specification release Re: dhcpcd compile problem with libc6 Diety UI draft distribution handling : a different approach doc-base: next proposal for doc policy doc-base package: All compression configurable? Re: Documentation Policy Documentation server Documentation server security issues documents in binary format Does anybody know when Incoming will be cleanup up does anybody use these devices ? Doubts Do we require TCP/IP networking? dpkg- release candidate dpkg-checkpackages dpkg-ftp upgrade to hamm? dpkg --install versus dpkg --unpack dpkg.rpm? dtxtdb and database formats e2fsprogs 1.10-4 doesn't work on partitions > 2GB Re: Easier Solution: Documentation Policy Re: emacs won't install if /usr/local is read-only Re: End of Documentation Discussion Error from dpkg-shlib. Error in kernel Configuration (problems with expr) /etc, /usr/etc and bootdisks /etc /usr/etc: solution? The last update was on 19:32 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 1673 messages. Page 1 of 4.

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