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Re: anyone look at TkStep+Afterstep control panel

>>>>>>>> On Tue, 8 Jul 1997, Shaya wrote:

 Shaya> Has anyone though about packaging up TkStep (it's a
 Shaya> replacement for standard Tk, that look more like NextStep,
 Shaya> than motif), and the Afterstep control panel that is based
 Shaya> on it. The Afterstep control panel would be especially nice
 Shaya> for Afterstep user, it seems pretty nice from the web page. I
 Shaya> can't build any of this because none of the tcl/tk stuff has
 Shaya> been brought over to libc6, so does anyone want to package it
 Shaya> up.
 Shaya> Oh, the web page is at
 Shaya> http://www.inf.ufrgs.br/~kojima/tkstep.html
 Shaya> Thanks,
 Shaya> Shaya

Well, I thought about it, I even thought that it might be wise to
share the same src code between 2 packages since it is only a patch
for regular Tk library. But I don't think that a "replacement" will
be good idea, after all some off us do like Motif interface.


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